If 80% of people are checking their phones
OVER 100 times a day!!!

Why are you not MARKETING to them yet via Bluetooth?

Get your Products / Services SEEN by THOUSANDS!
Daily New Customers and More Sales to

Get people to contact YOU!
More Leads and Prospects Automatically 24/7
100% Rejection FREE!

Using Google's 'Nearby' technology, the device broadcasts your message and link to your Blog, Website Shop, Social Page or display an Ad with your Message, Photo or Video plus your Business Phone Number, your Promotion and/or Offer, up to 400 meters and can be viewed as a notification by nearby Androids / iPhones & devices with Bluetooth enabled.

You decide your promotional message
and your link you want to broadcast.

Learn how Click here:
(Make sure you watch the 3 short Videos)

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What You'll Learn
  • 1 What is Proximity Marketing and how can you utilize it to create endless leads offline and online on complete autopilot by just walking around with your device or placing it in a crowded place.
  • 2 How You Can Promote This Amazing Technology - Discover our world class marketing system that you can share with Entrepreneurs worldwide that will basically sell this technology for you.
  • 3 How You Can Benefit Financially From This Amazing Technology - Learn how our extremely lucrative compensation plan is designed to help you by simply sharing technology that Network Marketers, Online Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs will want.

  • Affiliate Program and Network Marketing Business
  • Access here

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